Preparing For Your Surgery

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With today’s health technology, modern surgery is safer now than ever before. And yet, when it comes to going under, it’s understandable why one might feel anxious and worried. Surgery can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. As a company invested in simplifying the medical process, we here at Polar Green have put together a list of easy steps on how to prepare for your surgery and ensure for the best possible outcome.


Preparing for Surgery

1. Options. Before going in for a surgical procedure, it’s necessary to understand your options. In many cases, surgery is not the only option. If you do need surgery, however, it’s important to know if it is a priority, if it can wait until a more convenient time, as well as whether or not there are various surgical options to choose from.

2. Surgical Team. When going for a surgery, you’ll want to know you’re in good hands. Work with your primary doctor to choose your best option in terms of hospitals and surgeons. Often the best hospitals are those that have more experience in your specific surgery.

3. Instructions. As soon as you decide that you’ll be having a surgery, you’ll want to ask your doctor how to prepare. Being well rested and healthy is ideal for surgeries and an optimum recovery time. For those of you that smoke, stopping smoking at least two weeks before your surgery is a good idea.

4. Be Informed. It’s necessary to know that no matter the surgery, complications are possible. And while keeping a positive attitude and following pre-surgery instructions will help in obtaining the best possible outcome, it’s important for you to speak with your doctor and learn about any common or possible complications. The best patients are informed patients.

5. Have Someone. Ask a friend, family member, or loved one to be there for you for when you wake up. When waking up after surgery, you’ll most likely be experiencing grogginess and a little pain. Planning for a familiar face to be there to explain where you are and what is happening will help.

6. After the Surgery. Make sure to ask your doctor any questions you may have and to simplify any answers you may not understand. After a surgery it’s important to fully understand what you’ll need to do to have the best recovery possible. It’s reasons like this which is why we’ve created the Informacio Workstation.


With all the new medical technology and healthcare IT in the world today, safe surgeries and recoveries are more common now than ever before. No matter the surgery, however, it’s still just as important to make the necessary pre-surgery preparations to ensure all goes smoothly. And when it comes to understanding your surgery and what you’ll need to do to recover, we here at Polar Green have got you covered. With a passion for improving medical literacy, we’ve developed a prototype to help close the gap within the doctor patient relationship. To learn more and help support our mission to improve medical literacy, visit our Indiegogo campaign here: