The Informacio Design Group is a collaboration of designers, engineers and health acre experts working on next generation solutions. They create conceptual work that pushes the limits of information technology. As research, the work is considered an open source to others who may wish to contribute to the problem or group.

Accurat is an information design agency which analyzes data and contexts. They design analytical tools and visual narratives that provide awareness, comprehension and engagement. Accurat provides clients with services and products that relate to information design, focusing on how information transforms networks, cultures, contexts and behaviors. Accurat was founded in 2011 by Giorgia Lupi, Simone Quadri and Gabirele Rossi. Offices Milan and New York.

bke Designs provides design and fabrications services for furniture, lighting, interior spaces and innovative products. bke uses natural woods, metal, glass and other materials in simple, creative ways to create new and innovative geometric shapes with perfection. Offices in Chicago. Founder; Brian Ellison, architect and designer.

Brenda Lopez Silva is a designer and technologist currently working in Chicago. She has been involved in research and development of learning technologies for use in formal and informal education settings. She has been involved in software development, design and interactive technologies. She has also responsible for project management and coordination at major universities involved in education and learning sciences.

Business BenchmaRx, LLC provides business development and product launch services to start ups and ramps up organizations in the medical diagnostic / patient management ecosystem. They partner with clients to develop an effective business plan and participate in the execution to gain market presence and business growth. Founder, Tony Zordich, Office in North Carolina.

Dupont Design offers in-depth knowledge of European, American and Latin-American design cultures and markets and sustainability issues. Dupont offers high level of research skills, creativity, and innovation, with strong conceptual skills. They create new models of innovative products, services and systems within and holistic and sustainable perspective. Offices in San Paulo, Brazil. Founder is Marcio Dupont, Industrial Designer.

David Rice is CEO of Intellectual Asset Management and has been a principal of the firm for the past 26 years. IAM is engaged in new business development from startup to maturity. He is also the founder and chair of the nonprofit Organization of Black Designers which currently numbers 8,700 members nationally and lists a database of more than 98,000 designers nationally and internationally. The Organization of Black Designers,(OBD), produces DesigNation, the only national conference for designers that promotes diversity in design.

Polar Green LLC is a social entrepreneurship company that seeks to promote both intellectual and technological solutions to design issues that face our environment. The transfer of critical information that impacts society is its main focus. The transfer of knowledge will promote change through both high and low technology solutions. Polar Green LLC promotes social entrepreneurship through product development, design competitions, demonstration projects, research forums and best-practice examples as a means for change. Offices in Chicago and Plainfield, Illinois. Founder is Vincent Paglione.