Medical Technology for Patient Engagement

While the Affordable Care Act may promote both patient engagement and patient activation, the larger encompassing idea is that of doctor and patient communication. When a doctor and patient are sufficiently communicating, a patient will begin taking a larger part in caring for his or her own health. In turn, this will result in shared decision making, as well as numerous other benefits for both parties. And with today’s new medical technology, efficiently communicating with patients is easier than ever before.

Eliminate Telecommunication Errors With MedXCom

A new medical application with the purpose of improving doctor and patient communication is the MedXCom app. Launched by Dr. Michael Nusbaum, a New Jersey bariatric surgeon, the MedXCom app records, stores, and transcribes all cell phone conversations between doctors and their patients in an effort to improve telecommunication. With such an app, medical professionals can ensure phone conversations are understood and received correctly by reading and sending a full transcript of the conversation to their patient through the app, and the patient can follow up with any questions through the apps secure text messaging system. Additionally, the transcription protects both the patient in the event of poor advice and the doctor in the event of any misunderstandings that could potentially lead to unwanted lawsuits. To learn more bout the MedXCom app, click here:

Up-To-Date Communication With TreatSpace

In addition to MedXCom, Treatspace is a clinical social software also intended to improve communication between doctors and patients. With its many features, Treatspace is meant to provide both patients and medical professionals with a unified platform in which each can stay up-to-date with one another and in communication. For medical professionals, Treatspace can become a place to build a social profile for ones practice in which a medical professional can easily keep the practice’s information current and up-to-date, while privately communicating with patients through a secure messaging system. For patients, Treatspace is a place to easily find and connect with healthcare providers, while keeping up-to-date with the healthcare provider’s latest updates, as well as privately connecting when necessary. For information on Treatspace, click here:

Honest Communication With TickiT

A third new medical technology now on the market is TickiT. TickiT is a secure tablet and web based data collection platform in which healthcare providers can create and manage custom surveys. Patients often have a difficult time discussing personal issues with medical professionals and will therefore frequently lie about their own health and lifestyle. And yet, such details into a patient’s life is critical in improving doctor to patient communication, as well as quality of outcome. TickiT takes the personal questions a medical professional would ask and turns them into a graphic survey that is both great for youth engagement and for a variety of literacy rates. This allows patients to fill out the survey easily and privately, while simultaneously encouraging honesty. When the survey is finished, the information is automatically transferred to the healthcare provider’s computer with the most vital information flagged and shown at the top. The goal of TickiT is to improve doctor patient communication by ensuring that both the medical professional and patient are already on the same page and ready to go as soon as the medical professional enters the room. To learn more about TickiT, click here:

The Informacio Workstation Increases Health Literacy & Patient Engagement

One last piece of new medical technology that will promote doctor and patient communication is the Informacio Workstation. It helps medical professionals both verbally and visually communicate with their patients. Designed by a global team of scientists, designers and entrepreneurs, the Informacio Workstation was created to easily accommodate users of various technical levels. It provides a physical platform which promotes health literacy and in turn improves doctor and patient communication. To learn how you can help be a part in creating the Informacio Workstation, visit the Informacio Workstation Indiegogo campaign here:

Developing strong doctor and patient communication can benefit both a patient and clinician in multiple ways. And with the Affordable Care Act now set into motion, developing quality doctor and patient communication is essential. Fortunately, we live in an age in which medical technology and medical equipment is developing at miraculous speeds, making establishing quality communication between doctors and patients easier than ever before.